Swami @TVMoJoe Predicted “Survivor” and “Big Bang Theory” Moves Back In March

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I saw a tweet from Broadcasting & Cable editor-in-chief Ben Grossman about how Josef Adalian (@TVMoJoe and no, that’s not a picture of Mr. Adalian above) now the west coast TV editor for New York Magazine’s Vulture blog had predicted CBS’s move of The Big Bang Theory to Thursdays back in March.

It’s true, and not only that, he also predicted the Survivor move to Wednesdays back when he was still with The Wrap.  He was more citing the moves as possibilities that made a lot of sense than predicting, but still.   It’s possible someone at CBS was whispering in his ear, but even if they were — impressive.  Most impressive.

Waiting for Bill’s head to explode in 3,2,1…

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