All 2010 Fall Broadcast Primetime TV Schedules Compared, By The Numbers

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Recovering from the Lenopocalypse, NBC has scheduled the largest number of new shows (8) for next fall as well as most new show hours (7.5 hrs). Yet even without The Jay Leno Show, NBC still has the lowest % of primetime hours devoted to original scripted shows in their weekly line up (50%) while the CW has the highest % of their programming dedicated to original scripted shows (90%).

CBS has the most hours of original scripted shows (15 hrs), and the CW has the least (9 hrs).

NBC (34%) and ABC (30%) are replacing the largest portion of their weekly primetime hours with new shows, while CBS (18%) is replacing the least.

Enjoy the comparisons of the broadcast primetime schedules.

2010 Fall Broadcast TV Schedules Comparison Details

New Shows 7 5 2 4 8
New Hours 6.5 4 2 3 7.5
% New Hours 30% 18% 20% 20% 34%
Unscripted & Scheduled Repeat* Hours 10 7 1 4 11
% Unscripted Hours 45% 32% 10% 27% 50%
Original Scripted Hours 12 15 9 11 11
% Scripted Hours 55% 68% 90% 73% 50%

*Of course, every network runs repeats during the season, but not every network has repeats scheduled in regular timeslots (ex. CBS Crimetime Saturday, NBC Saturday night drama repeats). Original Scripted Hours are scheduled original show hours, Scheduled Repeat Hours are scheduled repeat only hours.

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