Can Lost’s Series Finale Retroactively Sap Your Enjoyment of Its Series Premiere?

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There’s this notion out there that goes something like “If the Lost finale sucks, I will have wasted six years of my life and it will ruin all of my enjoyment of the series.”   I’d chalk that up to complete nonsense, but there are enough people espousing that  view that I accept that it’s a point of view that’s out there that just doesn’t resonate with me.

I hope the Lost finale is great.  I definitely hope it doesn’t suck, but if it does, all that means for me is that I didn’t like the finale.  It won’t retroactively steal the enjoyment I got out of the series.  I won’t be proclaiming, “When it aired, I thought ‘The Constant’  was a great episode, but two years later the finale ruined it for me!”

Earlier in the week I watched the pilot for ABC’s No Ordinary Family.   It was mostly a pretty awesome 44 minutes.  I had a lot of fun watching it and would recommend everyone check it out when it premieres this fall.   I have no idea whether the premise will work for a longer series.  I hope it  works out.  But whether No Ordinary Family goes on for 7 years or fizzles like FlashForward,  I still really enjoyed that 44 minutes.

I don’t get the notion that future events can impact past-enjoyment. Still, more than anyone perhaps, the producers of Lost have fostered the notion that time could work that way  — at least if the island is involved.

But I also don’t get the notion that out of nowhere more than 14 million people who weren’t watching Lost last Tuesday are going to magically show up on Sunday night.  I’ll definitely be watching though.

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