Summer Burn Off: “Better Off Ted” Fans Root For Celtics To Win Game 6; Plus “The Forgotten”

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Fans of Better Off Ted (at least the ones who aren’t Lakers fans) will be rooting for the Celtics to win game 6 on Tuesday.  If they do, the series is over and the final Better Off Ted episodes will air Thursday at 8pm.  If they lose and force a game 7, ABC will presumably still air them at a still to be determined date later this summer.

ABC and lovers of game sevens everywhere are certainly rooting for a game 7 and I’ll be surprised (though not shocked) if they don’t get it.

Meanwhile, evoking memories of Bill’s dream (that, sadly, never came to pass) of a July 4th ‘Til Death marathon,  ABC will be burning off the final two episodes of  The Forgotten on the  July 4th eve (AKA July 3) from 9p-11p.

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