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August 10th, 2010

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NEW YORK, NEW YORK – August 10, 2010 – USA continues to outshine the competition this week, entertaining more P25-54 (1.40 million, +35% over #2 TNT), P18-49 (1.27 million, +37% over #2 TNT), total viewers (3.39 million, +20% over #2 DSNY) and households (2.60 million, +27% over #2 DSNY) than any other network in cable’s primetime and being only one of two networks to deliver over half a million P18-34 (525,000, 11% over #3 DISC).

USA also earned the top basic cable household coverage rating in prime (2.62, +0.56 over #2 DSNY), the only basic cable network to earn over a 2.50.  USA was the only cable network to deliver over 1 million P18-49, 3 million total viewers or 2.5 million households in this week’s primetime.

Driven by USA originals White Collar, Covert Affairs, Psych, Burn Notice and Royal Pains, WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW, hit movies and the top acquired series on cable, NCIS and LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit, USA delivered three times as many total viewers as The CW (+215%), more than twice the network’s audiences among P18-49 (+136%) and P25-54 (+178%), and nearly two times the number of P18-34 (+89%).

USA captured half of the top ten telecasts for both P25-54 and P18-49 this week in basic cable prime, including new episodes of Burn Notice, Royal Pains, Covert Affairs and WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW, the top two telecasts in P25-54 with Burn Notice and Royal Pains and the top three scripted among P18-49 with Covert Affairs, Royal Pains and Burn Notice.   Four of USA’s originals beat every scripted telecast on ABC and NBC among M18-34 this week: Covert Affairs, Royal Pains, BURN NOTICE and Psych.

  • BURN NOTICE and ROYAL PAINS were the top ad-supported dramas on television this week, broadcast or cable, among M18-49 (BN 1.13 million / RP 1.10 million) and M25-54 (BN 1.34 million / RP 1.27 million), as well as taking the top two spots overall in basic cable prime among P25-54 (RP #1, 2.525 million / BN #2, 2.47 million).  Both shows placed in the week’s top ten telecasts among P18-49 (RP #4, 2.22 million / BN #7, 2.12 million), total viewers (BN #3, 5.69 million / RP #4, 5.525 million) and households (BN #3, 4.07 million / RP #4, 3.945 million).
  • ROYAL PAINS delivered its best P18-49 (2.22 million), P25-54 (2.53 million) and total viewers (5.53 million) numbers since the second week of the season (6/10/10) and a season high M25-54 (1.27 million).  This was the only telecast this week to deliver over 2.5 million P25-54.  In the 10P hour, when the network aired ROYAL PAINS, USA was the top network on television for P25-54, coming in second only to CBS among total viewers.  The show also delivered more P18-34 than any scripted telecast on ABC and more P25-54 than any scripted telecast on NBC.
  • In the BURN NOTICE 9P timeslot, USA was the #1 network on television, broadcast or cable, in delivering M18-34, M18-49, M25-54, male total viewers and outperformed NBC in delivering P18-34, P18-49, P25-54, total viewers and households while outperforming CBS in P18-34, P18-49, P25-54 and FOX in total viewers and households for the hour.  BURN NOTICE delivered more total viewers and households than any scripted telecast on FOX this week and more total male viewers than any scripted telecast on ABC, FOX, or NBC.
  • Tuesdays on USA brought back big numbers as both White Collar and Covert Affairs series saw double digit growth and stole more viewers than anything else on cable Tuesday night among P25-54 (CA 2.34 million / WC 1.76 million), total viewers (5.33 million / 4.10 million) and households (3.91 million / 3.05 million).  COVERT AFFAIRS delivered more P18-49 (2.29 million) and P18-34 (968,000) than any other scripted telecast in Tuesday’s basic cable prime while White Collar came in at #2 scripted for P18-49 (1.68 million) and #3 for P18-34 (673,000).
  • COVERT AFFAIRS was the top scripted telecast in basic cable prime this week among P18-49, placing 4th among P25-54, 3rd among P18-34, 5th in total viewers and 5th among households viewing scripted fare.  It more than doubled the P18-49 (+110%) and P18-34 (+148%) delivery of the #2 scripted cable original in its timeslot (“Memphis Beat”), as well as enjoying wide margins of victory among P25-54 (+74%), total viewers (+52%) and households (+52%).  COVERT AFFAIRS was the #1 scripted telecast in all of television Tuesday night, broadcast or cable, in delivering P18-34 and P18-49, beating everything on CBS for the night in these demos. Through the week, COVERT AFFAIRS delivered more P18-34 than any scripted telecast on ABC and more P18-49 than any scripted telecast on NBC.
  • White Collar saw double-digit increases from last week in P25-54, P18-49 and total viewers.  Excluding season premieres and finales, the series snagged its best F18-49 and 3rd best P18-49 audiences ever and its best P25-54 and total viewer audiences since the second week of Season 1.5 (1/26/10).  WHITE COLLAR enjoyed double digit leads over the #2 scripted cable original in the 9P hour (“Hawthorne”) among P25-54 (+23%), P18-49 (+31%), total viewers (+31%) and households (+34%) and “Make It or Break It” in P18-34 (+26%).  It also beat every CBS telecast Tuesday night in P18-34 delivery.  In the 10P hour, USA was second only to NBC in delivering P18-49, P25-54, total viewers and all male demos (M18-34/18-49/25-54/2+) while outperforming ABC and CBS among P18-34 and delivering more households than ABC.  In WHITE COLLAR’s 9P hour, USA delivered more P18-34 than CBS.
  • Psych was the top scripted telecast in basic cable prime Wednesday night, delivering more P25-54 (1.53 million, +11% over #2 “Meet the Browns” at 10:30pm) and P18-49 (1.49 million, +11% over #2 “Meet the Browns” 10:30pm).  No competitor aired a scripted telecast with more total viewers (3.48 million, +14% over “Suite Life on Deck”) or households (2.58 million, +14% over “Suite Life on Deck”) in basic cable prime than Psych on Wednesday.  Head-to-head in Wednesday’s 10P hour, PSYCH nearly doubled the P18-34 audience (+90%) of “Dark Blue” season two premiere while enjoying wide leads among P25-54 (+44%), P18-49 (+69%), total viewers (+40%) and households (+37%).  In its timeslot, PSYCH was the most watched drama in all of television, broadcast or cable, in delivering P18-34, beating every broadcast network in the hour for this demo, as well.  In the 10P hour, USA outperformed ABC and CBS in delivering P18-49 and beat ABC in P25-54 delivery.  The series also outperformed everything in ABC’s primetime in this demo.
  • WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW was the #1 show in Monday night’s cable prime, taking the top two telecasts and delivering more P18-49 (2-hour average 2.30 million) than anything else in the daypart.  Both hours placed in the week’s top ten telecasts among P25-54 (2.27 million), total viewers (4.67 million) and households (3.26 million).  In RAW’s 9P-11P time period, USA delivered more M18-34/18-49/25-54 than any other network on television, broadcast or cable, and outperformed every network but CBS in total males M2+.  USA was second only to ABC among P18-34 in this time period while beating FOX among P18-49, P25-54, total viewers, households and F18-34/18-49/25-54, while beating NBC among P18-49 and total viewers.
  • NCIS and LAW & ORDER: Special Victims Unit were the two most popular acquired series on cable this week, taking the #1 and #2 spots, respectively, among P25-54 (NCIS 1.16 million / SVU 1.02 million), total viewers (3.39 million / 2.58 million) and households (2.67 million / 2.10 million).  These were the top two acquired dramas on cable among P18-49 (SVU 943,000 / NCIS 926,000) and P18-34 (NCIS 390,000 / SVU 366,000), as well.  No other acquired series averaged over 1 million P25-54, 2.5 million total viewers or 2 million households in prime.

USA Network is the #1 network in all of basic cable and is seen in over 98.5 million U.S. homes.  A division of NBC Universal, USA is the cable television leader in original series and home to the best in blockbuster theatrical films, acquired television series and entertainment events. The award-winning USA website is located at Characters Welcome.

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