Ratings Notes for TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and truTV + DVR #s for ‘Rizzoli & Isles’

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via ratings notes from Turner:

TNT’s Monday night lineup of The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles continued to deliver in a big way this past week, with the Aug. 9 episode of Rizzoli & Isles ranking as ad-supported cable’s #1 program for the week among total viewers (7.4 million), households (5.5 million) and adults 25-54 (2.7 million).  The Closer scored a close second for the week among viewers (7.2 million) and households (5.3 million).

With Live + 7 data now available for the July 26 episodes of The Closer and Rizzoli & Isles, both shows grew their viewership significantly.  The Closer’s July 26 episode grew from 6.8 million viewers in Live + Same Day to 8.2 million viewers in Live + 7.  Meanwhile, that night’s episode of Rizzoli & Isles grew from 6.5 million viewers in Live + Same Day to more than 8.3 million viewers in Live + 7.

Sunday night’s episode of Leverage continued that show’s solid third season by delivering more than 3.1 million viewers.

According to new Live + 7 data for Aug. 1, Leverage’s episode that night grew from 3.5 million viewers to more than 4.5 million viewers.  Demonstrating strong viewer loyalty, Leverage continues to rank among ad-supported cable’s strongest performers in time-shifted viewing.

TNT’s Tuesday night lineup of HawthoRNe and Memphis Beat continues to deliver strong numbers, with last week’s episode of HawthoRNe garnering more than 3.2 million viewers, a 4% boost over the previous week’s episode.  Memphis Beat built on that success with 3.8 million viewers, up 8% over the previous week.  Both shows also scored growth among key adult demos.

On the strength of its original series, TNT ranked as ad-supported cable’s #1 network for the week in total day among adults 25-54.

Adult Swim
Adult Swim continued its August ratings splash by ranking #1 among all ad-supported cable networks for total day delivery of adults 18-34, adults 18-24, men 18-34, men 18-24 and adults 18-49.  Compared to the same time period in 2009, adults 18-34 delivery (493,000) increased by 6%, adults 18-24 delivery (289,000) increased by 23%, men 18-34 delivery (292,000) increased by 2%; men 18-24 delivery (176,000) increased by 21%; and adults 18-49 delivery (682,000) increased by 7%.

Among the late-night network’s original programming, the season finale of THE BOONDOCKS (11:30 p.m.) and a new episode of MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENHOLE (12:30 a.m.) both earned solid delivery and ratings gains among their young adult demos.  The Peabody Award-winning THE BOONDOCKS saw adults 18-24 delivery (545,000) increase by 43% and ratings (1.9) by 46%, and men 18-24 delivery (360,000) increase by 42% and ratings (2.5) by 47%.  Similarly, MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENHOLE saw adults 18-24 delivery (259,000) increase by 27% and ratings (0.9) by 29%; and men 18-24 delivery (160,000) increase by 7% and ratings (1.1) by 10%.

Rob Corddry’s new comedy CHILDRENS HOSPITAL also has been gaining more and more young adult viewers each week on Adult Swim.  Compared to its performance last week, CHILDRENS HOSPITAL delivery of adults 18-34 (350,000) grew by 17% and ratings (0.5) by 25%; adults 18-24 delivery (186,000) grew by 16% while ratings (0.6) remained flat; and men 18-24 delivery (100,000) grew by 9% and ratings (0.7) by 17%; and adults 18-49 delivery (503,000) grew by 29% and ratings (0.4) by 33%.

Adult Swim telecasts—including FAMILY GUY, THE BOONDOCKS and ROBOT CHICKEN—accounted for 16 of the Top 50 telecasts of the week on ad-supported basic cable among adults 18-34, more than any other network.

Cartoon Network
Across the 3rd week of August 2010, Cartoon Network attracted double-digit gains among kids 2-11 in Total Day, and significant single-digit gains in Prime Time.  Compared to the same week in 2009, Total Day delivery among kids 2-11 (667,000) grew by 24% and ratings (1.6) by 23%.  In Prime Time, weekly average kids 2-11 delivery (703,000) increased by 7% and ratings (1.7) by 6%.

Among its prime time programming, a new episode of TOTAL DRAMA WORLD TOUR (Monday, 9 p.m.) garnered impressive double-digit gains across the board of targeted kids and boys demos: kids 6-11 delivery (714,000) expanded by 28% and ratings (2.9) by 26%; kids 2-11 delivery (1,059,000) expanded by 39% and ratings (2.6) by 37%; kids 9-14 delivery (578,000) expanded by 31% and ratings (2.4) by 33%; boys 6-11 delivery (493,000) expanded by 45% and ratings (3.9) by 44%; boys 2-11 delivery (660,000) expanded by 49% and ratings (3.1) by 48%; and boys 9-14 delivery (393,000) and ratings (3.2) both expanded by 39%.

On Friday night, encore presentations of STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS (9 and 9:30 p.m.) drew double and triple-digit gains among key kids demos compared to the same time period in 2009: at 9 p.m., kids 6-11 delivery (327,000) grew by 14%; kids 2-11 delivery (614,000) grew by 61%; and kids 9-14 delivery (292,000) grew by 14%.  With even bigger gains at 9:30 p.m., kids 6-11 delivery (332,000) improved by 46%; kids 2-11 delivery (628,000) improved by 116%; and kids 9-14 delivery (282,000) improved by 52%.

The Saturday night movie presentation, SCOOBY-DOO! THE MYSTERY BEGINS (8 p.m.), posted double-digit gains over the 2009 time period as well: kids 6-11 delivery (515,000) grew by 21% and ratings (2.1) by 24%; kids 2-11 delivery (787,000) grew by 39% and ratings (1.9) by 36%; and kids 9-14 delivery (352,000) grew by 28% and ratings (1.4) by 27%.

The Saturday morning CRUSHZONE (6:30 – 11 a.m.) also charted solid gains among kids and boys demos: kids 6-11 delivery (300,000) grew by 12%; kids 2-11 delivery (446,000) grew by 17%; boys 6-11 delivery (241,000) grew by 11%; and boys 2-11 delivery (338,000) grew by 16%.

TBS’s Wednesday night lineup scored another solid win, as two new episodes of Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns scored as ad-supported cable’s top two sitcom telecasts for the week among adults 18-49.  The 10:30 p.m. episode of Meet the Browns led with 1.4 million adults 18-49.

TBS also garnered a win with Tyler Perry in the movies category.  TBS’s telecast of his film Daddy’s Little Girl was ad-supported #1 movie telecast for the week among adults 18-49.

truTV enjoyed a particularly strong week, ranking among ad-supported cable’s Top 10 networks for the week in primetime delivery of men 18-34 (131,000) and men 18-49 (334,00).

truTV scored strong primetime growth for the week, with delivery of total viewers up 14%, adults 18-34 up 13%, adults 18-49 up 19%, men 18-34 up 16% and men 18-49 up 21%, when compared to the same week last year.

truTV’s hit series All Worked Up wrapped its season on Monday at 10 and 10:30 p.m. with superb results.  The episodes ranked among cable’s Top 5 entertainment programs in their time period among adults 18-34 (577,000); adults 18-49 (1.3 million); men 18-34 (287,000); and men 18-49 (719,000).

The 10:30pm episode of All Worked Up now ranks as truTV’s second-most-watched program for the year-to-date among men 18-49 (778,000) and the third-most-watched among adults 18-49 (1.3 million).

Also ranking among cable’s Top 5 entertainment programs in their timeslots last week were The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest… (Thursday at 9 p.m.) in delivery of men 18-49 (386,000) and Top 20 Most Shocking (Thursday at 10 p.m.) in delivery of adults 18-49 (900,000).

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