Fall 2010 TV Schedule – Thursdays 9p-10p: ‘Grey’s Anatomy Should Win Easily

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Continuing our hour by hour coverage of the fall schedule, we move to Thursday nights at 9pm.   Newcomers Nikita & Outsourced join the veterans CSI, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy and The Office

Thursday Night 9pm-10pm:

THURSDAY 9:00p 9:30p
Grey’s Anatomy
Nikita New
The Office Outsourced New

Any ratings discussion below is in reference to adults 18-49 ratings, and not total viewers.

Who’ll Win? Other than the new shows, it’s the exact same schedule as last year.  Despite languishing ratings performance from both Grey’s Anatomy & CSI, Grey’s typically won the hour easily and there’s no reason to expect things will be much different in the fall.

CBS & NBC battled for second place with NBC typically holding a small edge for the hour late in the season.   Whether that’s the case in the fall depends  on how Outsourced does and whether $#*! My Dad Says helps, hurts or is neutral as a lead-in for CSI.    It will be interesting to see how Justin Bieber’s turn as a guest star helps with CSI’s demos though.  Before anyone scoffs, remember when Taylor Swift was on CSI she boosted the 18-49 numbers by a full ratings point vs. the previous week (and added ~4 million viewers).

I got an e-mail asking whether I thought Nikita will beat Fringe.  No, I don’t.  Fringe will still finish fourth for the hour, but I won’t be surprised, especially early on, if Nikita improves the hour for CW versus Supernatural.

Next Thursday  (September 2) I’ll cover Thursday from 10pm-11pm.  On Friday, August 27 I’ll cover Fridays at 10pm.   You can find all the previous  hour-by-hour coverage here.

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