President Obama’s Address Averages 29 Million Across Broadcast & Cable

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President Obama’s address on the end of the American combat mission from 8-8:20pm on Tuesday averaged 29.2 million viewers across ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, TEL, UNI, CNN, CNBC, CNTRC, FOXNC, and MSNBC.

I don’t have the breakdown for the broadcast networks, but here are the ratings for the cable news networks.

Recent President Obama Speeches: TV Ratings
Event Networks Number of Households Number of Persons 2+
Oval Office Adress on End of Iraq War (8/31/10) 11 21,818,342 29,232,689
Address on Gulf Coast Oil Spill


11 24,044,726 32,051,887
(1/27/10) 11 34,182,725 48,009,595
Speech on Afghanistan (12/1/2009) 10 29,806,000 40,767,134
Source: The Nielsen Company

table via nielsenwire.

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