Who Ya Got? ‘Sons of Anarchy’ vs. ‘Covert Affairs’

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White Collar is now my favorite show on USA Network, but while I like Covert Affairs, at 10pm it goes up against the season three premiere of my favorite show on television:  FX’s Sons of Anarchy .

By virtue of being a TV-holic and because I get the east coast USA Network feed in high definition, but only the west coast feed of FX, they don’t really wind up competing for me, but I’m not sure there’s very much audience crossover between Covert Affairs and SOA.

Sons of Anarchy‘s second season was fantastic, but SOA can be brutal in more ways than one, and not everybody has the stomach for it.   USA’s  shows, including Covert Affairs are lighter in tone.

P.S. White Collar has its summer finale tonight at 9pm.

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