CBS Has Premiere Week’s Oldest Audience (Duh), Blue Bloods Tops ‘Oldest Viewers’ List

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Fun stuff from Forbes’ Lacey Rose on the shows with the oldest median age during last week’s premiere week.  To the surprise of absolutely nobody, CBS had the oldest median audience at 54.9, and Fox was the youngest at 40.6.

CBS grabbed the top five spots in the rankings of shows with the oldest median age, topped off by Blue Bloods at 60.4.

Rank SHOW NETWORK Median Age Total Viewers
1 BLUE BLOODS CBS 60.4 13.0mil
2 CSI: NY CBS 58.6 10.3mil
3 NCIS CBS 57.2 19.4mil
4 THE MENTALIST CBS 57.2 15.5mil
5 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 56.9 15.8mil

Read more and see the whole top 20.

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