Tuesday Cable Ratings: Teen Mom > Sons Of Anarchy, Plus Stargate Universe, Bad Girls Club & Much More

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September 29th, 2010

Teen Mom had a big night, jumping to a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating to lead all of cable in that demographic. 

Sons of Anarchy slipped to a 1.6  adults 18-49 rating from a 1.8, and it lost about half a million average viewers from last week.

Bad Girls Club's 0.9 adults 18-49 rating was third among the selected group of Tuesday cable ratings we saw.

Those details and more via Travis Yanan:

Tuesday cable finals

Melissa & Joey:
0.961 million viewers,
0.6/1 HH,
0.3/1 A18-34,
0.4/1 W18-34

Billy the Exterminator (10pm)
- 1.971 million viewers
- 1.2/2 HH
- 0.8/2 A18-49

Billy the Exterminator (10:30pm)
- 1.890 million viewers
- 1.1/2 HH
- 0.8/2 A18-49

Chopped (10pm)
- 1.951 million viewers
- 1.3/2 HH
- 0.8/2 A18-49

30 for 30
- 0.894 million viewers
- 0.6/1 HH
- 0.4/1 A18-49

Sons of Anarchy (61 minutes)
- 2.977 million viewers
- 1.9/3 HH
- 1.6/5 A18-49

Teen Mom (10pm)
- 3.963 million viewers
- 2.6/4 HH
- 2.4/7 A18-49
- 5.7/17 W18-34

Bad Girls Club (9pm)
- 1.729 million viewers
- 1.1/2 HH
- 0.9/2 A18-49

Hair Battle Spectacular
- 1.085 million viewers
- 0.7/1 HH
- 0.5/1 A18-49

1000 Ways to Die (10pm)
- 1.592 million viewers
- 0.9/2 HH
- 0.8/2 A18-49

Stargate Universe (9pm)
- 1.175 million viewers
- 0.8/1 HH
- 0.5/1 A18-49

WWE NXT (10pm, 66 minutes)
- 0.964 million viewers
- 0.6/1 HH
- 0.3/1 A18-49

19 Kids and Counting (9pm)
- 1.180 million viewers
- 0.8/1 HH
- 0.4/1 A18-49

Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel (10pm)
- 1.090 million viewers
- 0.8/1 HH
- 0.5/2 A18-49
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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/V5RT2GVHQFDALA2SWWM6BRMAEU John

    Each state has a very powerful psychic monitoring the thoughts of every man woman child and pet

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/V5RT2GVHQFDALA2SWWM6BRMAEU John

    You can watch it, you choose not to, but you don’t have impact

  • DonJ1973

    When SGU 1st premiered last Fall, there was so much hate, especially on the blog. I think I read some comments about it didn’t have the magic or humor or sense of adventure of SG-A or SG-1 etc etc. And most of them said they hated all the characters. I gave up trying to rationalize and explain that this is a totally different show. And yeah, it’s pointless to try to win back those other fans that jumped ship. I think it would be idiotic for the writers of this show to do some lame re-working by adding comedy or bringing back John Shepherd and his sarcastic 1-liners, Rodney McKay or Ronan for some cheap ratings stunt because of some fans who can’t accept change.

  • Ram510

    Are the numbers for Melissa & Joey correct? That a big drop from last week. Hopefully it was just the Britney Spears Glee ep. that stole some viewers and hopefully they return next week, if that’s the case. I really hope it gets renewed

  • DonJ1973

    It also depends on what happens with MGM. The studio is bankrupt and they are waiting to see what happens with Spyglass possibly taking over.

  • cimmer

    There was and continues to be a lot of bad karma associated with the show, silly stuff that a good PR person could have handled with one hand tied behind their back; feuds that got out of control, bad timing on announcements, people leaving etc. etc. etc.

    I personally think the show would have stood a much better chance if they’d never put Stargate in its name and just said “by the people who brought you …., a darker take on exploration” or something. Oh well. They’ll be two seasons on DVD for fans of the show, that’s better than a lot of shows get.

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