Why Can’t The Networks Keep Low Rated Shows on the Air and Let Them Grow?!

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October 6th, 2010

Rather than completely revise the first post that quibbled with the headline (and as a result, distracted people from the great info in the story) let me just say yep, I liked the story by Brian Steinberg on Ad Age so much I'm linking to it multiple times!

Bill correctly notes that the post does a great job of addressing the frequent fan lament: “Why can’t they keep the show on the air and let it grow!”

If the wishes of TV critics and ad honchos ruled the world, then no high-minded TV show would ever be pulled off the air. In reality -- and even reality programming -- TV executives have to abide by the ratings and a complex formula that helps them determine whether a show should stay on the air. It all comes down to revenue -- from advertising during a show's run and from ancillary distribution afterward. If dollars won't be coming in, the program can't remain on the screen. Below, we sketch out the equation that runs around in TV executives' brains:

click here to find out "why they can't keep the show on the air and let it grow!"

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