Cable News Ratings During Chilean Miner Rescues Tuesday

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via CNN press note:


11:00 pm – when the first miner came to the surface – CNN outperformed FNC and MSNBC:

CNN – total viewers 3998k/demo 25-54 1422k
FNC – total viewers 3468k/demo 25-54 1046k
MSNBC – total viewers 1083k/demo 25-54 279k

In primetime (8-11 pm) CNN topped MSNBC:

CNN – total viewers 1947k/demo 25-54 551k
MSNBC – total viewers 1016k/demo 25-54 250k
(FNC – total viewers 3222k/demo 25-54 736k)

8:00 pm: Anderson Cooper kicked off CNN’s live breaking news coverage, topping MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

CNN – total viewers 1506k/demo 25-54 314k
MSNBC – total viewers 1019k/demo 25-54 230k
(FNC – total viewers 3492k/demo 25-54 804k)

9:00 pm: Larry King Live topped MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow

CNN – total viewers 1380k/demo 25-54 349k
MSNBC – total viewers 1052k/demo 25-54 269k
(FNC – total viewers 2997k/demo 25-54 617k)

10:00 pm: Anderson Cooper topped MSNBC:

CNN – total viewers 2955k/demo 25-54 991k
MSNBC – total viewers 976k/demo 25-54 252k
(FNC – total viewers 3179k/demo 25-54 787k)

CNN Digital: served more than 3 million live video streams related to the story of the rescued Chilean miners over the past two days, a 2700% increase over the prior 4-week daily average. (Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, Oct 12 & Oct. 13 through 3p ET, Live Video Video Starts, Domestic and International)
Today, traffic to from outside of the U.S. has nearly doubled a typical day with 7.4 million page views. (Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst, Oct. 13 thru 3p ET)
Yesterday, CNN App downloads in the U.S. increased by more than 250% over the average.
Since yesterday’s rescue efforts, on-demand video starts on CNN’s mobile website are up over 50% vs. same day average for the prior 4 weeks. (Source: Bango)
This Just In,’s breaking news blog, registered 1.3 million page views on October 12 (a 123% increase over the prior 4-week daily average) and 2.6 million page views through the 3 p.m. hour today (a 345% increase over the 4-week average.) (Source: Omniture SiteCatalyst)

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