ABC Chilean Miner Rescue Special Draws Hour’s Biggest Audience in 10 Months

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When that 20/20 special is the best you’ve done at 10pm Wednesday in 10 months you’re in trouble.

via press release:

Continuing to generate year-to-year improvement on the eveningABC increased its numbers over the same Wednesday last year (10/14/09) by 12% in Total Viewers and by 17% in Adults 18-49.  In fact it was ABC’s 3rd time in 3 nights this week to grow over year-ago evening.

  • Producing its 2nd straight week of Adult 18-49 growth, the Net was up 8% over the prior Wednesday, hitting its best number since season-premiere Wednesday on 9/22/10.

At 8pm, ABC’s The Middle stood as the 2nd-most-watched TV show overall in the half-hour to CBS’ Survivor: Nicaragua, outdrawing Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen by 1.9 million viewers and NBC’s Undercovers by 2.1 million viewers.  The sophomore comedy once again boosted its time-period for ABC, growing the half-hour by 1.7 million viewers and by 50% in Adults 18-49, from the year-ago night.

  • On average this season, The Middle is up from performance at this point last year (when it aired at 8:30pm) in both viewers (+10%) and young adults (+8%).

Continuing to show strong lead-in retention for ABC at 8:30pm (88%), Better with You continued to overshadowed its freshman competition in the half-hour in Adults 18-49, outdelivering NBC’s Undercovers by 40%.  The ABC new comedy also drew a larger overall audience than the new NBC drama.

  • In addition to its strong Adult 18-49 retention, the ABC freshman comedy held 94% of its Adult 18-34 lead-in.

Qualifying as Wednesday’s definitive #1 TV show for the 4th time in 4 weeks this season, ABC’s Modern Family took full control of its 9pm time slot, beating out second-place CBS’ Criminal Minds by a season-best 34% in Adults 18-49.

  • Bettering its year-ago performance for the 4th straight week, the ABC sophomore comedy surged over its delivery on the same night last year by 1.9 million viewers and 31% in Adults 18-49.  On average in its sophomore season, Modern Family’s numbers are up over the same point last season by 16% in Total Viewers and by 24% in Adults 18-49.
  • Growing week to week, Modern Family posted the series’ 2nd-highest-ever numbers among Adults 18-49 and Adults 18-34 (behind only its three-week-ago season premiere), while hitting a series high with Women 18-34.

Building its numbers for the 2nd week in a row at 9:30pm, Cougar Town increased week to week by 7% in Adults 18-49, marking in the series’ 2nd-highest viewer and young adult numbers since January (behind only its season premiere) – since 1/20/10.

  • For the 2nd week running, the ABC comedy finished a strong #1 in its time period with Women 18-34, beating its nearest competition by 18% (Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen).  Cougar Town also finished #1 in its half-hour with Adults 18-34.

In the 10 o’clock hour, ABC News’ A Special Edition of 20/20 – “Miracle At The Mine” drew the Network’s largest audience in the time period in 10 months – since 12/9/09.

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