What Happens To Parks & Recreation And Community Now?

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With the announcement that NBC’s Outsourced has been picked up for a full season, Parks & Recreation fans are understandably concerned. And perhaps Community fans should be too.

Because one of two things will have to happen [Edit; Maybe both!]:

1. An extra hour of (two) sitcoms will be inserted into the NBC schedule after football ends.


2. Either Parks & Recreation OR Community will not be on NBC’s spring schedule.

I have no idea how to handicap these two possibilities. Community hasn’t done well, but compared to the rest of NBC’s shows it hasn’t done terribly. I have no knowledge of any change in status for Parks & Recreation or other NBC mid-season shows. And while NBC hasn’t had 30 minute sitcoms elsewhere on its schedule, it certainly looks to have a number of holes to fill come spring.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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