TV Memorabilia Collectors Will Want to Check Out Syfy’s ‘Hollywood Treasure’

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Photo credit: April MacIntyre

Syfy’s Hollywood Treasure premieres this Wednesday at 10pm with another episode at 10:30p.   Hollywood Treasure focuses on the wheeling and dealing involved with showbiz and pop culture memorabilia.  My first thought on hearing about it was that our pal Ted Linhart (@TedOnTV) who is the research VP at USA Network  and a memorabilia collector will be watching.

My friend April MacIntyre has a write-up on on Hollywood Treasure including the transcript of an interview with Joe Maddalena who created the series and is the CEO of Profiles in History, a leading dealer in memorabilia.

Memorabilia is big business. The Lost Dharma VW van went for $47,500 at the Lost auction, and 12 opened Dharma beer cans went for $5,000.

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