“Hawaii Five-0” And “The Mentalist” Continue As The Most Played Back Shows For The Third Consecutive Week

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“Hawaii Five-0” Adds +3.13 Million Viewers and +1.1 Rating Points in Adults 18-49

“The Mentalist” Gains An Additional +3.06 Million Viewers and +1.1Rating Points in Adults 18-49

DVR Playback Vaults “Hawaii Five-0” into the Nielsen Top 10 Among All Network Shows for the Third Straight Week

Live Plus 7 Day Playback Boosts CBS’s Third Week Ratings By +1.53 Million Viewers and +0.6 Rating Points in Adults 18-49, More Than Any Other Network

Nine CBS Programs See Audience Gains of More than

+2 Million Viewers and Four Programs Are Boosted By at Least a Full Rating Point in Adults 18-49, More Than Any Other Network

HAWAII FIVE-0 and THE MENTALIST continued as the most played back programs in viewers, with both series gaining over additional 3 million viewers and at over a full rating point in adults 18-49, when factoring in live plus 7-day playback for the third week of the 2010-2011 season ending Oct. 10.

In week three of the season, CBS gained +1.53 million viewers over its live plus same day average (+13%), an additional +0.6 of a rating points in adults 18-49 (+20%) and seven tenths of a rating point in adults 25-54 (+18%).

HAWAII FIVE-0, the number one freshman series of the season, gained an additional +3.13 million viewers (and +1.1 rating points in adults 18-49) while THE MENTALIST added +3.06 million more viewers (and +1.1 ratings points in adults 18-49).

With live plus 7-day playback, HAWAII FIVE-0 ranked 10th among all primetime programs in viewers during week three, the third consecutive week that DVR playback vaulted it into the top 10.

DVR 7-Day Playback Lift to CBS Television Network:

Viewers           A18-49     A25-54

Live Plus Same Day Week 3 Avg.                    11.95m            3.0              4.0

Live Plus 7-Day Week 2 Avg.                          13.48m            3.6              4.7

+1.53m            +0.6           +0.7

+13%               +20%        +18%

  • Among viewers, CBS had nine programs increase their audience by two million viewers or more.
  • Among adults 18-49, CBS had four programs increase by a full rating point or more.
  • Additionally, CBS had another 9 programs with audience gains of one million viewers or more and another 12 programs that gained at least half a rating point among adults 18-49.

DVR 7-Day Playback Lift for CBS Series:

CBS programs with lifts of two million viewers or more:

  • HAWAII FIVE-0                                 (+3.13m to 15.42m)
  • THE MENTALIST                              (+3.06m to 17.47m)
  • CRIMINAL MINDS                           (+2.68m to 16.58m)
  • THE BIG BANG THEORY                 (+2.46m to 15.06m)
  • NCIS                                                  (+2.36m to 22.20m)
  • BLUE BLOODS                                 (+2.32m  to 13.51m)
  • CSI                                                      (+2.22m to 14.76m)
  • THE GOOD WIFE                             (+2.20m to 15.00m)
  • NCIS: LOS ANGELES                      (+2.02m to 18.20m)

CBS programs with lifts of a full rating point or more in adults 18-49:

  • CRIMINAL MINDS                           (+1.2 to 4.7)
  • THE BIG BANG THEORY                 (+1.2 to 5.3)
  • HAWAII FIVE-0                                 (+1.1 to 4.6)
  • THE MENTALIST                              (+1.1 to 4.1)

CBS programs with lifts of a full rating point or more in adults 25-54

  • HAWAII FIVE-0                                 (+1.4 to 6.1)
  • THE MENTALIST                              (+1.3 to 5.6)
  • CRIMINAL MINDS                           (+1.2 to 5.7)
  • TWO AND A HALF MEN                 (+1.1 to 6.9)
  • THE BIG BANG THEORY                 (+1.3 to 6.3)
  • CSI                                                      (+1.1 to 4.9)
  • NCIS                                                   (+1.0 to 6.3)


Live SD            L7                    Increase

HAWAII FIVE-0          CBS                  12,294           15,424             +3130

MENTALIST, THE      CBS                  14,411           17,474             +3063

MODERN FAMILY   ABC                  11,478           14,413             +2935

GREY’S ANATOMY ABC                   12,805           15,678             +2873

HOUSE                        FOX                 10,794           13,587             +2793

CRIMINAL MINDS   CBS                   13,907           16,584             +2677

GLEE                            FOX                 11,213           13,683             +2470

BIG BANG THEORY, CBS                  12,594           15,058             +2464

CASTLE                       ABC                 10,874           13,276             +2402

NCIS                            CBS                  19,838           22,201             +2363

BLUE BLOODS           CBS                  11.912           13,512             +2320

EVENT                         NBC                   7,612            9,845              +2233

CSI                               CBS                   12,537          14,758             +2221

GOOD WIFE, THE    CBS                    12,795          14,996             +2201

PARENTHOOD          NBC                     5,180           7,257              +2077

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