Fox & DISH Together Again; Could Mean Ratings Gains For Sons Of Anarchy, Terriers, It’s Always Sunny, The League & More

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With the announcement that FX, National Geographic Channel, and Fox’s 19 Regional Sports Networks have been restored to DISH Network subscribers, what might that mean to the ratings of FX shows like Sons Of Anarchy, Terriers, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and The League?

DISH Network had 14.3 million subscribers as of June 30,2010. That’s 12.3% of the 115.9 million US TV households.

I don’t know what % of the US adults 18-49 TV audience DISH subscribers are, my guess is that it’s at least 12.3%, so your favorite shows could see at least that much of a ratings benefit, starting immediately.

Update: Commenter QW notes that FX is not in the standard DISH package, so the ratings gains are less than would be expected were FX available to the entire DISH subscriber base.

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