Are Torrent Downloads Killing the Ratings for ‘Chuck’?

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THR says that Chuck is the #1 TV show being downloaded on The Pirate Bay.  #1 Baby, woo-hoo!  Can we add a fan excuse bingo square for “torrents killed my show!”?   Is the torrent downloading hurting Chuck’s chances for survival?


Oklahoma City, Ok

I saw that THR story, but the problem with the way THR is looking at The Pirate Bay’s top TV show list is that it isn’t based on a fixed period of time.  It’s always moving, so if you write a story on Tuesday morning (which is the case with the THR story) new episodes from Sunday and Monday night are likely going to top the list.

As I look at that list on Wednesday afternoon,  a new episode  from Tuesday night (Stargate Universe, #1 baby, woo-hoo!) is tops, followed by Dexter, Glee, Sons of Anarchy, The Walking Dead, Gossip Girl and Chuck.

By the time you look at the list, it will probably be different.  Also remember that a lot of that downloading, almost certainly most of it, is coming from outside of the U.S.

The torrent downloading isn’t hurting any show’s chance of survival and I doubt it is having much impact, if any, on the ratings.   In the aggregate the studios and networks aren’t happy about it, but for now torrent downloading isn’t playing a role in renewal and cancellation decisions.

“Too many people are downloading it” is certainly good bingo square fodder though.

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