Grist For The “Family Friendly” Mill: ‘Modern Family’ vs. ‘Cougar Town’

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There always seems to be plenty of comments on our site about the “family friendliness” of the 9pm hour ABC comedies Modern Family and Cougar Town.

I’m not about to step into a discussion of the shows’ content, I don’t watch them, but in terms of the people that do watch them here were the demo ratings breakdowns for last night’s shows.

Ages Modern Family Cougar Town
Rating Rating
12-17 1.7 0.7
12-34 3.1 1.7
18-34 3.5 2.1
18-49 4.1 2.6
25-54 4.9 2.7
50+ 4.8 2.8
Ages 9-9:30 All US 9:30-10 All US
% watchting TV % watching TV
12-17 28.9 28.2
12-34 32.0 32.6
18-34 33.1 34.1
18-49 37.1 37.5
25-54 41.4 41.2
50+ 54.7 53.0

The average viewership (ages 2+) for Modern Family was 11.0 million, and for Cougar Town was 6.5 million.

The Modern Family audience has more viewers in the 12-17 demo than Cougar Town, even in relation to each show’s overall audience size, and the fact that the overall 12-17 audience during the two half hours is virtually identical. Does that in itself indicate which show is more “family friendly”?

You be the judge.

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