Will Charlie Sheen Straighten Up, Fly Right for ‘Two and a Half Men’?

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Ah, the drama!  Booze binges and porn stars. All the makings of a made for TV movie, really.   Interesting recap of Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior and how CBS/WBTV are reacting to it in a report from Deadline TV’s Nellie Andreeva headlined WBTV & CBS Fight To “Save” Charlie Sheen.

I continue to believe that as long as he can crawl on the set and slur his lines, they’ll figure out a way to write him into Two and a Half Men as long as they can.  But the picture isn’t pretty.  Andreeva reports WBTV & CBS have been looking to shut down production so Sheen can get into rehab, but apparently Sheen isn’t going for it.  Adreeva hears Sheen has hired a lawyer and is threatening to sue if production is shut down without cause.

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