For Regular Season Game Viewership, NHL (Versus) > NBA TV > MLB Network

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These viewership numbers are small, and they cover only the cable networks mentioned, but the comparisons are still interesting.

  • NBA TV is averaging a 0.16 U.S. rating and 233,000 viewers for live NBA games during the 2010-11 season (43 telecasts through January 12).
  • [W]ell ahead of MLB Network, which averaged a 0.11 and 152,000 viewers for its regular season baseball coverage during the 2010 season.
  • NBA coverage trails the NHL on Versus, which is averaging a 0.17 and 261,000 this season (39 telecasts through January 12).

Note: MLB Network (55.274M households), Versus (75.187M households), and NBA TV (54.021M households).

via Sports Media Watch

The NBA TV to MLB TV comparisons are pretty apples/apples considering the household coverage, but Versus is in substantially more homes than the other two.

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