Mailbag: Yes Virginia, ‘Flashpoint’ Will Be Returning To CBS This Summer, And More…

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Dear TV by the Numbers,

I can’t get enough of Canadian import drama Flashpoint that’s been on CBS during the summers, but I haven’t heard any more news about it lately.

Please tell me it’s coming back to the US of A.



Yes Virginia, is reporting that CBS will take the 6 episodes from Flashpoint’s third season it’s had in cold storage for quite sometime and pair them up with 7 of the 18 episodes that Canadian broadcaster CTV will produce for the show’s fourth season up north for a 13 episode CBS run during the summer of 2011.

The remaining 11 episodes of Flashpoint’s fourth season will air on ION (a broadcast network with about 1/2 the primetime viewership of the CW) along with the entire 51 episode run in syndication.

Yours truly,

TV by the Numbers

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