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February 1st, 2011


  • Tommy Martin

    There is a lady that is supose to be starring on Oprahs lovetown USA .
    She is married to Kenneth Dukes. Her name is Josie D. Wilson Dukes…
    They were married in 2005 on St.Simmons Is. Ga. They reside in Ashville NC..
    And she is claiming to be a Ga.resident for the show, and shes claiming to be single…its all a lie…shes a 9th graade drop out

  • Tommy Martin

    Who do we contact to notify that one of the lovetown usa contestants has deceitfully fooled the show so she could become part of it

  • JMC

    She is not married. You are a sad, sad person for making up malicious lies about Josie. She is a great girl and if anyone deserves to be happy it is her. She has such a great heart and deserves to be loved. Whoever you are, you should get a life.


    “Tommy” I mean Linda…get a freaking life, your a grown ass woman, of “God”, so you say, yet you have so much hate in your heart. To once have been so pretty, you are so ugly to me now aunt Linda, your r truly an embarrassment to out family. & I hope you realize this one day and come to your senses.

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