Super Bowl XLV Most-Watched Show in U.S. TV History Among Hispanic Viewers; Tops World Cup Final

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Tops 2010 FIFA World Cup Final

Super Bowl XLV on FOX reached an average of 10.0 million Hispanic viewers making it the most-watched show in U.S. television history among Hispanic viewers, according to The Nielsen Company.

The Packers-Steelers championship game topped the 2010 World Cup Final (Spain-Netherlands, 8.95 million Hispanic viewers) – the previous record holder – and a 2010 World Cup Round of 16 game (Argentina-Mexico, 8.91 million Hispanic viewers).  Super Bowl XLV is also the first Super Bowl to top the finale of the hit telenovela series Destilando Amor (8.88 million Hispanic viewers).

Super Bowl XLV is the first program (English or Spanish language) to average more than 10 million Hispanic viewers.  Super Bowls account for four of the 10 most-watched programs in history among Hispanic viewers:

Most-Watched TV Programs Among Hispanic Viewers

Game Hispanic Average Viewers
Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers), 2/6/11 10.01 million
2010 World Cup Final (Spain/Netherlands), 7/11/10 8.95 million
2010 World Cup Round of 16 (Argentina/Mexico), 6/27/10 8.91 million
Destilando Amor (telanovela series finale), 12/3/07 8.88 million
Super Bowl XLIV (Saints-Colts), 2/7/10 8.28 million
Super Bowl XLIII (Steelers-Cardinals), 2/1/09 7.84 million
Rubi (telanovela series finale), 3/7/06 7.76 million
Selena ¡VIVE! (benefit concert), 4/7/05 7.65 million
Super Bowl XLII (Giants-Patriots), 2/3/08 7.49 million
Soy Tu Dueña (telanovela series finale), 12/27/10 7.18 million

Source: NFL, The Nielsen Company, 1994-2011

Super Bowl XLV is the most-watched show in U.S. television history, with a total audience of 162.9 million viewers, according to The Nielsen Company.

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