Crazy Charlie Sheen Gives ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Its 2nd Biggest Audience; Best 25-54 Demo Ever

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Piers Morgan Tonight got a huge boost from the crazy man Charlie Sheen, hitting its second highest average viewership (since the Oprah-fied premiere) and highest adults 25-54 demo ever.

Below are the 9pm and midnight averages for FNC, CNN and MSNBC for last night:

9:00 pm, Eastern

CNN Piers Morgan:

Total Viewers:  1.346 million

Demo 25-54: 561k

MSNBC Maddow:

Total Viewers:  1.198 million

Demo: 383k

FNC Hannity:

Total Viewers: 2.621

Demo: 751k

Midnight, ET/West Coast Primetime 9pm (reair):

CNN Piers Morgan

Total Viewers: 719k

Demo: 354k

MSNBC Maddow:

Total Viewers: 511k

Demo:  185k

FNC Hannity:

Total Viewers: 764k

Demo: 267k

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