‘Divorce Wars’ To Premiere On CNBC On March 29th

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via press release:


CNBC’S “DIVORCE WARS” will premiere on Tuesday, March 29th at 9pm ET. The documentary will repeat that evening at 10pm ET, 12am ET, and 1am ET.

The show will also re-air on the following dates:

Thursday, March 31st at 8pm ET

Sunday, April 3rd at 11pm ET


“DIVORCE WARS” goes inside the confidential world of multi-million dollar divorces to discover that these bitter conflicts are about more than just money. CNBC anchor Melissa Francis reports on the battles for control, power, and revenge that come when couples become combatants.

The CNBC Original explores this battlefield and the latest techniques for winning the war through the eyes of several high-net worth break-ups. The documentary also looks at a new business that funds the weaker side in divorce cases of the very rich to level the playing field in court–making money by getting a percentage of the final settlement.

CNBC’s “Divorce Wars” reveals the secrets behind the money, the lies, the emotional pain, and the financial gain that happens when wealthy couples go from trusted allies to warring factions.

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