Should I Buy an iPad? Do I Really Need Another Way to Watch Video and Read About Charlie Sheen?

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I’m no stranger to gadget envy.  As a young man I was extremely envious when I could not afford to buy an Apple II or an Atari 800 (or even an Atari 400!).  All I could afford was a Commodore 64.  Those were the days of serious gadget envy and they motivated me to make more money so I would no longer have to wallow in gadget shame.

My gadget envy abated with age though and certainly isn’t chronic these days. Sure, I bought an iPhone the very first day it was available in 2007…but I waited until late in the day and didn’t have to wait in line. I also didn’t upgrade that phone for 3 years.

When the first generation of iPad rolled out, Bill and I pretty much looked at each other, scratched our heads and thought “why would anybody who already has an iPhone spend that kind of money on a ginormous iPhone?”

So we didn’t.

I’ve warmed up a bit more to the idea over the last year primarily for two reasons.

I like the idea in certain cases of having access to a bigger table screen instead of a laptop or notebook (or iPhone).

#!&%#! Comcast currently won’t let me watch Xfinity On-Demand online via the iPhone, but it will let me do it with an iPad.

So, two (more) ridiculous polls…



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