Tea Leaf Reading: Fox’s Summer Has Repeats Of ‘Lie To Me’ & ‘The Chicago Code’, But Not ‘Fringe’ Or ‘Human Target’

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I’m not typically into tea leaf reading, but Fox’s just announced summer primetime schedule includes repeats of Lie To Me and The Chicago Code, but not of Fringe or Human Target.

Potentially good renewal news for the two former and bad news for the two latter?

Update: As many have noted in the comments, Fringe will continue airing repeats on Saturday late night through the summer. More grist for the tea leaf mill!

Put another way, would Lie To Me and The Chicago Code be getting summer repeat slots if they were destined to be cancelled?

Break out your tea leaves!

For your tea leaf reading background, in the summer of 2010, Fox originally scheduled new episodes of Sons Of Tucson and Past Life, which were both 100% dead at that point.


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