Poll: 2010-11 Season: What Did You Love (or Love to Hate)?

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It’s the calm before the upcoming upfront storm the beginning Monday, May 16. I suspect next week will perk up a little bit with announcement of a few pickups ahead of the upfronts (or at least rumors of them).  But today is a bit slow, at least so far…

Somebody just e-mailed me asking whether “The Good Wife” was my favorite show, or “Chuck.”  I enjoy both, but neither top my list.  FX’s ‘Justified” was my favorite drama of the season, and perhaps by a wide margin. It’s gotta be the TV by the Numbers consensus best hour-long drama pick of the spring season  because it’s the only drama I’m sure both Bill and I went out of our way to watch.

I’ve also been pretty stoked about “Doctor Who.”  I’m also really enjoying “Game of Thrones.” I didn’t think the third episode was awesome, but still, whoever cast Maisie Williams as Arya Stark deserves some sort of bonus (note: I haven’t read the books, it just seems like perfect casting though).

Anyway, the e-mail got me reminiscing about this TV season, so I figured I’d let you reminisce with me and weigh-in on what you loved or loved to hate about the season.  I added a smattering of choices, but feel free to use the write-in option.

And oh yeah, you better believe I went with “Fringe Renewed!”

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