How Many Will Watch The Premiere Of ‘Countdown With Keith Olbermann’ on Current TV? (Poll)

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Keith Olbermann returns to the cable news world on Monday (6/20) when his new Countdown With Keith Olbermann premieres on Current TV at 8pm Eastern.

How many viewers will watch the premiere?

Here are some data points:

  • Current TV is in about 59 million US TV households (compared to CNN/HLN: 101m, FNC: 99 million, MSNBC: 95m)
  • Here were the 8pm viewerships for cable news networks on Tuesday, 6/14 (FNC: 2.661m, MSNBC 0.895m, CNN 0.449m, HLN 1.617m) Sadly, we do not have Current TV show ratings in our typical data inventory for comparison.

While I’ll make the poll for the premiere night only, feel free to make guesses about future days, weeks or months in the comments.

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