‘True Blood’ Ratings: Season 3

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Here’s a look back at last season’s ratings for True Blood. One notable difference is that this year is starting two weeks later. Last year the show took a couple of weeks off — Sunday July 4 and the Sunday before Labor Day. This year July 4 isn’t on a Sunday and True Blood will air a new episode on July 3. Not sure about the Sunday before Labor Day yet).

True Blood Season 3 Ratings:

Date Viewers (Millions) 18-49 Rtg
June-13-2010 5.1 2.9/8
June-20-2010 4.3 2.5/7
June-27-2010 4.5 2.5/7
July-11-2010 4.7 2.7/8
July-18-2010 4.9 2.8/8
July-25-2010 4.7 2.8/8
August-1-2010 5.2 3.0/8
August-8-2010 5.1 3.0/8
August-15-2010 5.0 2.8/8
August-22-2010 5.4 3.0/8
August-29-2010 5.4 3.2/8
September-12-2010 5.4 3.0/7

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