HLN Draws 5.2 Million Viewers at Peak of Casey Anthony Verdict

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via press release:


HLN’s coverage peaked during the 2:15p quarter hour (when verdict was read), delivering 5.205M P2+ and 1.894M P25-54.

  • Among P2+, HLN beat FNC by +79% (2.913M) and MSNBC by +466% (920k)? Among P25-54, HLN surpassed FNC by +128% (830k) and MSNBC by +542% (295k).
  • 2-3 pm, marked HLN’s best performance in ANY HOUR IN HISTORY among P2+ (4.575M).

HLN delivered 2.123M P2+ and 901k P25-54 in prime and was #1 in prime in the demo, topping FNC by +46% (616k) and MSNBC by +236% (268k).

  • Tue marked HLN’s best prime performance since 9/11 in P2+ (2.5M) and since March 19, 2003 (Iraq War) among P25-54 (926k).

Nancy Grace delivered 2.888M P2+ and 1.286M P25-54 at 8p, besting FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor by +72% among P25-54 (747k), was BEST EVER for Nancy Grace among both total viewers and P25-54.

Nancy Grace AGAIN at 9p delivered 2.248M P2+ and 909k P25-54 at 9p, and was #1 in its time period, topping FNC’s Hannity by +20% in P2+ (1.878M) and by +68% in P25-54 (540k).

For the week of June 27, HLN ranked as basic cable’s #7 network in total day among both total viewers and Persons 25-54 for the week, besting FOX News Channel in both demos, and ranking #6  among total viewers in prime.  Last week marked HLN’s best weekly performance ever among total viewers in prime and total day, and second best week ever among P25-54 in total day (behind only the week of 9/11/01)


By quarter-hour, CNN’s coverage peaked at 2:30p (shortly after the verdict) with 2.330M P2+ and 865k P25-54.

Anderson Cooper 360 won the 10p hour among P25-54 with 618k, topping FNC’s On the Record by +10% (561k).

(* Data based on “Nielsen Fast National”)

HLN digital properties have also experienced significant gains, including:


  • Nancy Grace’s Facebook fan page has over 731,000 fans, 46,000 of whom joined in June and 89,000 of whom joined during July 1-6.
  • Since the Casey Anthony trial began the fan page has had:
  • Over 146,000 new fans
  • Over 667,000 total likes and comments
  • Daily average of 15,000 likes and comments, which is an increase of 178% vs the daily average from the month of April ’11
  • On July 5, there were 12 posts about the Casey Anthony verdict on Nancy Grace’s Facebook fan page, which generated over 92,000 total likes and comments, 497% higher than the daily average during the trial, and more than 1500% higher than the daily average for the month of April ’11.
  • The post that generated the highest number of interactions was: “Tot Mom Found Not Guilty of Murder! Tell us what you think” with over 16,000 likes and comments.

(Source: Facebook insights) 


  • As of July 6, key HLN accounts covering news of the Casey Anthony trial had over 475,000 followers, an increase of 643% from April ’11.
  • Below are the follower counts and the % increase over April:


(Source: Twitter & Twittercounter)

CNN Digital

Traffic and video to CNN.com was also up yesterday due to news of the Casey Anthony verdict.  CNN.com served

  • 68.2 million global page views, up 54% from the prior 4-Tuesday average.
  • 9.2 million videos globally, which is three times as high as normal levels
  • 2.2 million live streams, a seven-fold increase over the benchmark (During the 2 – 3 p.m. hour when the verdict was announced, there were 1.3 million global live streams, which is 35 times as high as normal levels for that hour). This Just
  • 5.1 million domestic page views to CNN’s news blog This Just In, six times higher than the prior 4-Tuesday average.


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