Fan Excuse Bingo Square Covered: CW’s ‘The Secret Circle’ Premiere Now Free On iTunes

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First we heard that Fox was making the New Girl series premiere episode available for free on iTunes, hoping to cash in on some social media buzz, and wondered whether it would help or hurt the ratings.

Now I find out (from alert reader Paul) that the CW’s The Secret Circle is available for free on iTunes (maybe old news, sue me).

Edit: I also got information that Hart of Dixie was available, but now that I look on iTunes, it’s not there. Will edit again if it is.

Is this more social media ratings pump priming?

Or just a Fan Excuse Bingo square already covered? Will this be our first TSC fan comment on September 16?

“Of course the premiere ratings are terrible, a squinty jillion people already watched it on iTunes!”


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