‘Penn & Teller Tell A Lie’: Series Premiere!

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via press release:

“If there are two things Penn & Teller stand for, it’s the truth & lying, although not necessarily in that order,” said Penn Jillette. “This show has both.”  The PENN & TELLER TELL A LIE series premiere brings you the unthinkable: tiger attacks, doors steering an airplane, alligator music, pain thresholds and more — but which one is a big, fat LIE?!…  And make sure to check out the co-viewing experience — During the show, viewers will be prompted by Penn & Teller to launch the Guess the Lie experience, available on iPad, iPhone and online at Discovery.com (http://bit.ly/qzcYj1).Guess the Lie will allow viewers to select in real time whether each of the stories is “True” or a “Lie” – and they can change their vote as many times as they like until the final reveal. 

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