Yankees/Tigers ALDS Game 3 Up Over 30% Vs. Last Year’s Twins/Yankees Game 3 in Preliminary Ratings

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via press release:
TBS Delivers a 4.8 Meter Market Rating For Network’s Exclusive Coverage  of ALDS Game 3 of Yankees-Tigers Series

Up +30% over Yankees/Twins Game 3 in 2010 TBS’s exclusive coverage of Day Four of Major League Baseball’s League Division Series (LDS) featured a pair of pivotal Game 3 match-ups on Monday, Oct. 3. The New York Yankees at Detroit Tigers (8:30 p.m. ET) delivered a 4.8 meter market rating in primetime, up 30% over the 2010 New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins LDS Game 3 clincher.

The first game of TBS’s doubleheader coverage of the LDS featured Game 3 of the Texas Rangers at Tampa Bay Rays (5:00 p.m. ET). The game delivered a 2.8 meter market rating, even with last year’s coverage of Game 3 of the Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays series.

Local Market Ratings:

• New York averaged a 13.2 meter market household rating.
• Detroit delivered a 25.0 meter market household rating.
• Dallas-Fort Worth averaged 11.0 meter market household rating
• Tampa/ Bay/St. Petersburg averaged a 16.3 meter market household rating.

The Turner Sports LDS schedule for Tuesday, October 4:

• Texas Rangers @ Tampa Bay Rays, Game #4 (2:00 PM ET)
• Philadelphia Phillies @ St. Louis Cardinals, Game #3 (5:00 PM ET)
• New York Yankees @ Detroit Tigers, Game #4 (8:30 PM ET)

• Milwaukee Brewers @ Arizona Diamondbacks, Game #3 (9:30 PM ET)

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