CBS Ratings Extra: CBS Dramas Go 10 for 10

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Network Has All of the Top 10 Dramas of the Week in Viewers and Four of the Top Five in Adults 18-49


In addition to its comedy success, CBS has a flair for the dramatic. The Network scored the top 10 dramas on television in viewers and four of the top five in adults 18-49, according to Nielsen live plus same day ratings for the week ended Oct. 16.


Top 10 dramas in viewers for the week of Oct.10-16



1.  NCIS                                                          18.98m

2.  NCIS: LOS ANGELES                            15.40m

3.  CRIMINAL MINDS                                12.87m

4.  THE MENTALIST                                    12.39m

5.  PERSON OF INTEREST                         12.04m

6.  UNFORGETTABLE                                11.72m

7.  BLUE BLOODS                                       11.19m

8.  CSI                                                             10.93m

9.  CSI: MIAMI                                              10.64m

10. THE GOOD WIFE                                  10.33m


Top 5 dramas in adults 18-49 for the week of Oct. 10-16


1.  NCIS                                                          4.0/11

2.  CRIMINAL MINDS                                3.8/09

3.  Grey’s Anatomy                                         3.6/09

4.  NCIS: LOS ANGELES                            3.3/08

5.  PERSON OF INTEREST                         2.8/07


Season-to-date, CBS has nine of the top 10 dramas in viewers and five of the top 10 in adults 18-49.  NCIS is first in both measures.


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