Betty White To Open Next Week’s ‘Monday Night Football’

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Are you ready, for some Betty?

via press release:

MNF: “A White Christmas”

The season finale of ESPN’s Monday Night Football falls during the holiday so it’s no surprise our production team was dreaming of a “White” Christmas in planning the open for this week’s Falcons-Saints game.  A Betty White Christmas, that is.

The legendary 89-year-old actress, who stars in the TVLand sitcom Hot in Cleveland (Wednesday nights, 10 ET/9 CT) and the upcoming NBC show Off Their Rockers, is the star of next week’s holiday-themed open, which was shot in California.  ESPN’s production team was looking to cast a warm grandmotherly type, and White was the perfect choice.

Everyone knows and loves Betty White.  Her popularity spans all age groups and demographics — especially in the sports world after her memorable turn in her Super Bowl commercial last year.

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