'Smash' Premieres - Guess the Ratings (Poll)

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February 6th, 2012

Update: Smash drew a 3.8 preliminary adults 18-49 rating in its premiere Monday night.

After endless promotions (at least for anyone watching NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl on NBC) 'Smash' finally premieres tonight at 10pm.  I thought about headlining this post "How Badly Will Smash Thrash Brian Williams" but  who knows how well Williams' 'Rock Center' might have done with a two-hour 'The Voice' as a lead-in and tons of promotion?  (OK, OK, we know it would've done worse than Smash, but still).

Exactly how well Smash does in its premiere will be driven somewhat by how well The Voice does tonight. Given last night's  post-Super Bowl numbers, I'm guessing that The Voice has its best numbers ever (outside of last night's post-Super Bowl telecast).  I know, I know, why isn't there a poll about that!?  Oh, the humanity.

You'll have to settle for a poll on Smash.  What matters most for Smash of course isn't how it does tonight, but how it does in the weeks to come.  But a great start is better than a mediocre one. I don't have much of  a feel for how well it will do other than it well be better than a 3.0 adults 18-49 rating.

Given all the promotion and its time-slot, the huge ratings for the Super Bowl and last night's The Voice I'd guess a 3.0 in its premiere would be a huge disappointment for NBC (even though it's NBC!).

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