Super Bowl XLVI MVP Eli Manning Talks About Giants' Championship on CBS's 'Late Show with David Letterman'

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February 6th, 2012

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Marks Eighth Consecutive Year that a Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback

Has Visited the LATE SHOW After the Big Game


(Click Here to Watch a Preview of Eli Manning on Tonight's LATE SHOW)


Super Bowl XLVI MVP and New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning talks about his team’s thrilling victory over the New England Patriots in Sunday's big game when he visits the LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, Monday, Feb. 6.  This is the eighth consecutive year that a Super Bowl-winning quarterback has appeared on the LATE SHOW after clinching the championship.


Manning walked out on stage to a standing ovation from the Ed Sullivan Theater audience, as Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra played “We Are the Champions.”  In a wide-ranging interview, Letterman asked about his touchdown pass to Ahmad Bradshaw near the end of the game.  “…The Ahmad Bradshaw touchdown,” Letterman said, “now, explain that to me.  It was all about time left on the clock for the Patriots to maybe mount a charge and come back.”  “Sure,” Manning said. “You know, when you score a touchdown, obviously, you don’t want to give Tom Brady a whole lot of time to go score a touchdown.  You know, that’s something he’s very good at so, in that situation, there’s only second down.  The Patriots’ defense was told, ‘Hey, let ‘em score.  Just let them score a touchdown.’  That way, their offense can get the ball back and possibly go down and score a touchdown and win the game.  So, right as I’m handing the ball off to Ahmad, I could sense that Patriots defense giving up, so I told him, ‘Hey, don’t score, don’t score.’”


“So, now, wait a minute, wait a minute,” Letterman said. “Handing him the ball and at the same time, ‘Don’t score.’  Okay, so now he knows…but he understands the situation.”  “Right,” Manning said. “Yeah, I think, you know, at first, he’s just, you know, something had to, you know, pop in his head, ‘something’s wrong here.  Why aren’t they trying to tackle me?  It’s like, you know, just wide open I’m going to run in, no one will touch me.’  I think it clicked in at the last minute.  He thought about going down but just couldn’t stop, and it worked out.”  Manning’s entire interview can be seen on the LATE SHOW tonight (11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


In a rematch of the 2008 NFL championship, also won by the Giants, Manning completed 30 of 40 passes for 296 yards, with one touchdown pass and zero interceptions, to lead the Giants to a 21-17 win over the Patriots.  He opened the game by becoming the first quarterback to complete his first nine attempts in a Super Bowl.  The game also marked Manning’s second MVP award, an honor he also received in the 2008 championship game, as well as the Giants’ fourth franchise Super Bowl title.


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