Of Course We're Not As Optimistic About the Fate of 'A Gifted Man' As Executive Producer Neal Baer

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February 10th, 2012

A Gifted Man's executive producer Neal Baer is more hopeful (at least in public) about the show's return than we are according to an interview with TV Guide:

And how bright does the future seem for the show? Baer is cautiously optimistic. "[CBS] really likes the show, and we haven't talked about the future at all except trying to just do great episodes," he says. "They're very supportive of the show and I know they really like it, so we're very hopeful about coming back in the fall."

We're not hopeful at all and have been certain for a while that the show won't be back next season based  its ratings and CBS's past history of dealing with those kind of ratings.

We have no axe to grind with CBS, Neal Baer (speaking personally, he's entertained me for hundreds of hours via his contributions to Law & Order: SVU), A Gifted Man or fans of A Gifted Man. But the ratings...

I'm not snarking  on what Mr. Baer says.  I'm not buying it either, but Baer is saying exactly what he's supposed to say and he's got a deal with CBS whether the show makes it or not. We (somewhat sadly) can't  expect him to say "Oh man, the ratings are so bad!  I wish they were better, but they're not. It's been a lot of fun though."

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