'A Gifted Man' Showrunner Neal Baer Follows Us; Sadly, He Misrepresents Us Too!

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February 16th, 2012

It's always nice to find out that folks in the TV business have visited our tiny little corner of the Internet, and apparently Neal Baer, the showrunner of A Gifted Man, does.

Unfortunately, in an interview in TVGuide.com*, Neal's memory** about my predictions is a bit faulty:

TV Guide Magazine: What's the worst thing that anyone has said?
 A ratings website said we'd be cancelled before November sweeps. They were wrong and will have to adjust their proprietary "cancellation index."

Of course I predicted that A Gifted Man would be canceled by the end of the season (as it certainly will be) as early as the beginning of October, but I never predicted it would be pulled before the November sweeps.

What Neal is likely mis-remembering is the question we put to our readers:

Will ‘A Gifted Man’ Still Be On The Air During November Sweeps? (Poll) 

But that wasn't a prediction from me, just a question of whether CBS had changed its recent past practice of yanking its lowest rated dramas early. It seems that they have, at least for now.

In that post, I did give "almost no chance" that A Gifted Man would get more than its 13 original episodes, and there I was wrong. It got an order for three more episodes this season to fill the weeks before the NCAA basketball tournament, and then it will vanish into the TV ether.

*hat tip to Twitter follower @nuccbko.

** in before Robert's comment about people like me living in memory glass houses refraining from stone throwing.

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