NCAA Basketball Final Forecast: Massive Whining About Online Viewing Ahead!

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February 16th, 2012

Unlike recent years, when you've been able to watch every game of the NCAA Mens basketball tournament free online via a single website, this year viewers will have to bounce between,, and

Here's the link to the CBS press release.

That's a trifling inconvenience compared to the fact that you won't be able to watch online at all [except for the CBS game on your local broadcast affiliate] unless you can authenticate yourself as a cable subscriber to those cable networks [or pay $3.99 to receive the March Madness Live package online].

I don't have any problem with the move to link online viewing to having already paid for your cable subscription (or as Robert noted "Cord cutters, no free soup for you!"), but setting up that authentication isn't trivial and will cause plenty of folks hassle, not to mention all the folks wanting to watch from work and being blocked from that authentication process because of some software or firewall issue.

Expect a veritable March hurricane of whining as people who have already paid for those cable networks find themselves blocked from online viewing. Robert wonders whether the griping from those cable subscribers might even cause CBS and Turner to back off.

We'll see.

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