Bubble Watch: Leap Day William Bursts 'Nikita's' Bubble But Loves 'Supernatural,' 'Raising Hope,' 'The Good Wife' and 'Fringe!'

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February 26th, 2012

With Seidman doing a Bubble Watch last Sunday and then by network versions of Bubble Watch on Tuesday he was completely worn out. Throw in being old and he was just too incapacitated to do a new edition this week. So in honor of the upcoming Leap Day holiday, I, Leap Day William will be pitching in. But things will be a little bit different.

The whole notion of the Bubble Watch and saying shows are on the bubble or toss-ups for renewal offends my happy candy-throwing sensibilities. Those designations might be prudent but they are b-o-r-i-n-g. Leap Day William doesn't like boring.  So I’m taking all the shows Seidman had on the bubble last week and predicting what will happen to them by May.

Cougar Town: the ratings aren’t great, or even good but it will be renewed anyway.

Private Practice: Leap Day William thinks it should be canceled but that it will get a final 13 episode order.

CSI: NY: It makes Leap Day William sad that 10 million people watch this show, on a Friday, but that it will still be canceled.

The Good Wife: Surprised to see this on the bubble. No chance it doesn’t get renewed for a fourth season.

Rob: At this point Leap Day William sees Rob getting cancelled even if CBS does have more comedy time in 2012-13

Rules of Engagement: Tough call, but – it will be renewed for at least 13 more episodes

90210: It’ll be renewed

Gossip Girl: It shouldn’t be renewed, but will be

Nikita: It shouldn’t be renewed, and it won’t be

Supernatural: Why is this show even on the bubble? Of course it will be renewed!

The Secret Circle: This one truly is a bubble show with the hefty lead-in it gets. But remember, bubbles are b-o-r-i-n-g. So…canceled!

Alcatraz: This Rock won’t be getting a suite at the Fairmont.  Canceled.

Napoleon Dynamite:  No Bob’s Burgers surprise with this one. Leap Day William sees Cancellville ahead.


Terra Nova: How cool is this? I see a LEAP DAY decision on this one. It doesn’t get any better than that. Except for Terra Nova fans. I don’t want to live in a world where a cancellation is announced on Leap Day – but…cancelled.

Touch: C’mon people, this show has only aired one episode! OK fine.  Renewed.

Community: I don’t know whether this is the overrated Dan Harmon crapfest that Bill says it is, but either way it will be renewed regardless because Sony is bats**t crazy when it comes to getting comedies to syndication.

Smash: the ratings will keep falling this season, but it will get a 13 episode order for next season anyway.

That’s all the shows Seidman had on the bubble last week. He should have had Fringe on the bubble because Leap Day miracles do happen and Fringe will be renewed.

Candy for everyone! See you fine folks in 2016.


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