FOX Live + 7 Day Ratings: STD and Week of Mon.-Sun. 2/13-2/19/12, ‘New Girl’ Most DVRd New Show

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Season to Date

·         Comparing Live to Live + 7 ratings point gains, FOX has 4 of the Top 10 most DVR-ed series so far this season – more than any other network.

o    AMERICAN IDOL-Wed: +2.6

o    AMERICAN IDOL-Thurs: +2.6

o    NEW GIRL: +2.6

o    GLEE: +2.4

·         NEW GIRL (+2.5) is this season’s most-DVR-ed new series, while  Modern Family (+4.3) is the most DVR-ed returning program to date.

·         AMERICAN IDOL (+2.6) is the most DVR-ed unscripted program of the season, and is seeing a much higher ratings percentage lift from DVR viewing than other singing competition shows:

o    AMERICAN IDOL –Thurs (+63%)

o    AMERICAN IDOL – Wed (+53%)

o    THE X FACTOR – Wed (+42%)

o    THE X FACTOR – Thurs (+40%)

o    The Voice (+31%)

·         With an average +150% ratings lift from Live to Live +7, FRINGE has the biggest percentage gain from time-shifted viewing of any series this season

o    In addition, GLEE is averaging a +109% lift and HOUSE is averaging a +105% lift.

Week of 2/13-2/19/12

·         HOUSE gained +106% from Live to Live + 7 Day, on par with its prior average lift this season.

·         ALCATRAZ (120%) posted its largest playback increase to date, up thirty-seven percentage points versus its average gain over the prior four telecasts (vs. +83%).

·         FOX’s Tuesday comedies were up versus their prior original gains from Live to Live + 7. GLEE (+120%) gained twenty percentage points from its norm, while NEW GIRL (+100%) and RAISING HOPE (+65%) were up roughly five points.

·         AMERICAN IDOL-Wed (+60%) and AMERICAN IDOL-Thurs (+67%) increased ten and five percentage points, respectively, above their prior average gain. Versus the comparable year-ago Live + 7 increase through AI10’s fifth week, AI11 is up eleven points (+52% vs. +41%).

·         On Friday, the gain for KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (+60%) from Live to Live + 7 was up two percentage points from its prior 2011/12 norm, while FRINGE(+150%) matched its prior average.

·         FOX ranked #1 for the week in Live + 7 Day among Adults 18-49, the same as its rank in Live. Based on L7 through the twenty-second week of the 2011/12 season, FOX is only down -6% from the comparable 2010/11 period when FOX carried Super Bowl XLV (vs. 3.5/10).

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