'Q'Viva! The Chosen' Moved to Late Night Saturday

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March 27th, 2012


FOX's Saturday talent competition Q'Viva: The Chosen (which features judges Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez) has been moved from its original 8:00 PM Saturday time slot to 11:00 PM. The show's original 2-hour format is also being condensed to a brisker 90 minutes.

The scheduling hole will be filled immediately by a new Cops this weekend, and by repeats of Cops and Bones for the weeks following.

  • Steven

    this show was great and showed a lot of new and fresh latin talent and should have been supported by the network much more than is he case. TV and the viewing public are the losers. Put it on a week night and get rid of some sit coms with their phony laugh tracks

  • Ben

    My family came across Q Viva by accident. See I am a man and there is something to say about us men with our remote.

    BY ACCIDENT I discovered A VIVA! Not wonder it got low rating. Where are all the prebublicity that was supposed to announce the up comming shows. We hear about this show and that show coming but nothing for Q VIVA.
    And the network blames the public. No wonder it got low ready. I totally agree. Q Viva is excellent illustration of the talent us Latinos have to contribute to the high quality of the entertainment world. I our family has followed their ventures of discoveries. Then again, without noticed we lost the episodes.

    By accident again, I found Q VIVA in Univsion and we looked forward to continuoulsy see it there but NOOOO the Network changed it again to later and in English. Lucky for me I still have my manly handy dandy remote to ACCIDENTLY DISCOVER the show in late night. I had to wake up my family to watch the continued show.

    PUT IT BACK to the 8:00 pm and stop jerking the show around. Low rating… and the network blames the public. Yesss the public is the one that loses of seeing a new Latino talents unfolding.

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