Fox News #2 In Ad-Supported Basic Cable Primetime Viewers for Second Consecutive Week; CNN Left in the Dust

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April 10th, 2012

Fox News has led the cable news for longer than we've been running this site.  That The O'Reilly Factor and Fox News can garner more viewers than NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams in primetime or that O'Reilly brought in more viewers last week than NBC's beleaguered Thursday night lineup as was the case on Thursday doesn't really surprise me.

But Fox News was second in total viewing in primetime for the second consecutive week among advertising supported basic cable networks (excludes Disney) trailing only USA Network. That's the first time that's happened since the Japan earthquake over a year ago (2/28/11-3/13/11, 3/14/11-3/20/11)  and there wasn't a huge news story fueling it this time around. Also the landscape is a bit different this year with TBS being fueled by reruns of The Big Bang Theory and Fox News still managed to average a hundred thousand more viewers in primetime for the week (1.875 million vs. 1.774 million).

Meanwhile in primetime viewership CNN was all the way down at #35 for the week averaging just 512,000 viewers, trailing fox by nearly 1.4 million viewers and even trailing #27 MSNBC's 728,000 viewers by a wide margin.

  • Hillbilly

    Where did the comments go?

  • Denise

    Once ALL of the Fox haters are gone, not many people left on this site.

    GO FOX

  • War Eagle

    This site always try to find SOMETHING were Fox news finishes second.

    this is my first visit since THIS SITE HEADLINES WERE:
    MSNBC AND CNN ARE SECOND IN OVERAL CABLE VIEWERSHIP instead of Fox news is number 1 Cable since Bill O Rielly came aboard.

    Fox wins every week MSNBC, CNN combined, Liberals need to spread their Class Warfare agenda to another site. They are both are pathatic stations with Sharpton, who lied to legal system when he set up a white NYC cop to rape a young black girl, which he was accused of lying and racism few years ago.I think her name was Brawney or close to it. It cost policeman his career.
    Sites like this will help cause a Obama defeat in NOV.

  • Daddywatkins

    What’s Fox News? Sounds racist. Like Russia’s Pravda during soviet times. Must be a commie channel…

  • Daddywatkins

    It’s just rednecks that give Fox News the boost. CNN, HLN and MSNBC get better ratings and those people actually have lives.

  • twins fan

    @dsddywatkins hahahahahahahahhahhaha your an idiot

  • Vik

    ha daddywatkins, what do you know about Soviets and Pravda, by the way Pravda is a newspaper. I am an eastern European lived during the communism in an Eastern block country. Will you call me redneck? LOL CNN, HLN and MSNBC actually are the once that look like the TV channels during soviets. Do you homework dude!

  • Barry

    FOX News is FAR from perfect, BUT it beats the hell out of the Obama Fed Socialist News network called MSNBC. That group is so far off the chart it makes one wonder why they are even considered in legitimate polls

  • Jim Wynn

    Fox News does a great job.

  • dmb

    According to Pew, 53 percent of MSNBC’s viewers identify themselves as Democrats, compared to 47 percent at CNN and 21 percent at Fox News. Applying those percentages to the August Nielsen ratings, it means that the average number of Democrats watching Fox News is 214,200. MSNBC has 199,810 Democrats, and CNN 179,070.*

  • Coffee Steve
  • Coffee Steve
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