ABC Renews 'General Hospital' and Cancels 'The Revolution'

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April 11th, 2012

ABC is renewing General Hospital for one year, and canceling talk show The Revolution.  The network needed to cancel a daytime show to make room for Katie Couric's syndicated talk show Katie, which will debut on most ABC affiliates this September.

Deadline reports that "ABC was persuaded to keep General Hospital after The Revolution ratings hit record lows in March. The network is allegedly concerned both that canceling 'General Hospital" will alienate the show's fans, who threatened to boycott Katie, and that The Revolution would not be a strong lead-in for "Katie." The week of March 26, GH was watched by 2.26 million viewers, compared to 1.33 million for The Revolution." The Revolution" also performs poorly among the key Women 18-49 demographic, averaging about half of what "One Life To Live" got in the time period.

The Revolution will end its run on July 7. For the rest of the summer, it will be replaced by an afternoon version of Good Morning America tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon until "Katie's" debut.

  • MBmomof3


  • Jason

    I just hope Katie’s new talk show does as well as General Hospital did in that timeslot. If not, ABC is going to be eating its words.

  • FM

    Soap fans need to take this with a grain of salt. While it is good that GH will see another year, GMA in the Afternoon is a test. Remember 3 years when CBS cancelled Guiding Light and renewed As the World Turns for one more year. Soon after GL ended, that December CBS cancelled ATWT. So ABC can pull a CBS and end GH next year. Not trying to sound harsh, but pay very close attention to GMA in the Afternoon this summer, as the article still said that ABC’s daytime lineup is not final.

  • ashley

    I am so happy!!!Have been watching GH for 18 years!! THANK YOU

  • Liz

    Well it looks to me like they got the message that soap fans sent…loudly and clearly. What makes them think we are going to watch Katie Couric? We don’t care for the way we were treated by Brian Frons. I personally will not be watching anything on ABC but Dr Oz and GH after Desperate Housewives leaves the air….

  • Chrisann D

    FM I thought the same thing. I know I won’t be watching it. Just will watch GH on ABC during the day. I’m hoping along with many that this isn’t just temporary. But anyhow I am looking forward to GHs 50th!

  • Dee Dee

    So happy to hear GH has been renewed for another year. It’s my favorite ABC show!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mes

    GH isn’t out of the woods yet. Next year, if Katie and The Chew is doing well, GH is done and will be replaced. Or even sooner, if the afternoon GMA show does well, then again GH is in trouble.

  • rob60990

    Glad to hear this. Won’t care if ABC cancelled GH next year. Just glad the show will be on for its 50th anniversary.

  • Tyson

    ABC is going to continue to look for a daytime show to replace General Hospital. Clearly, The Revolution wasn’t the answer. With the renewal, ABC executives have another 12 months to find the suitable replacement they didn’t find this year.

  • Patrick

    Awesome…at least we get one more year to watch GH! Let’s hope GH keeps improving with it’s stories and bringing back vets and OLTL characters coming over. So happy GH will make it to 50! People just need to start tuning back in, because it has been great lately. I think it will be a great move to move GH to 2 o clock. It will have a better lead in. Keep up the good work Frank and Ron, I will keep tuning in everyday!

  • FM


    I agree with you, while I’m not a soap fan, the fans should pay very close attention to that article. GH’s replacement could very well be GMA in the Afternoon. The soap fans need to watch the soaps now, because ABC said that they won’t cancel GH today, doesn’t mean that they cancel it later on in the year like CBS did with As the World Turns.

  • Cindy Hindmon

    Im glad GH will continue. I miss All My Children and One Life To Live. I don’t watch The Chew or The Revolution and will not watch Katie either.

  • cc

    That’s one for the soapers, at least. Happy for GH. I still won’t watch Katie, no matter what. Or the Chew.

  • Bunny

    I guessed ABC is set to announced shows that will be renewed soon..

    I’m scared….

  • Ralph Hahn

    I’ve often been puzzled that someone would boycott an entire network because of the cancellation of one show. To make your point, just boycotting the show which replaced your cancelled show makes more sense.

    But the whole network? It’s almost as silly as someone who boycotts God and all of His churches because of the action(s) of one priest, minister, rabbi, guru or whatever.

  • DenverDean

    I’m betting KC would not set the ratings world on fire.

  • Chrisann D

    Ralph, LOL I guess that makes sense but by not watching ABC I felt better….well sort of. Still really miss PrimeTime “What Would You Do?” Sooo as a thank you to ABC I will watch Primetime “WWYD” My way of justifying doing something I wanted to do any how!

  • Pinkle

    So happy The Revolution was cancelled. It literally was the worst show I have ever seen. Yes, I was an OLTL fan, but I have watched MULTIPLE episodes of this show and that fact does not change my opinion.

    1. There was no opening, only one host would appear, and each host would get their own segment. There was NO unity.

    2. There was nothing informative or new being offered on this show.

    3. I found it highly ironic that this was supposed to be a women’s health show, yet 3 of the 5 hosts are men.

    Anyway, I am glad it is off the air.

  • Anne

    I’m so happy that GH is around for another year but I can tell you I won’t watch Katie or The Spew…EVER!!

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