ABC Renews 'General Hospital' and Cancels 'The Revolution'

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April 11th, 2012

ABC is renewing General Hospital for one year, and canceling talk show The Revolution.  The network needed to cancel a daytime show to make room for Katie Couric's syndicated talk show Katie, which will debut on most ABC affiliates this September.

Deadline reports that "ABC was persuaded to keep General Hospital after The Revolution ratings hit record lows in March. The network is allegedly concerned both that canceling 'General Hospital" will alienate the show's fans, who threatened to boycott Katie, and that The Revolution would not be a strong lead-in for "Katie." The week of March 26, GH was watched by 2.26 million viewers, compared to 1.33 million for The Revolution." The Revolution" also performs poorly among the key Women 18-49 demographic, averaging about half of what "One Life To Live" got in the time period.

The Revolution will end its run on July 7. For the rest of the summer, it will be replaced by an afternoon version of Good Morning America tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon until "Katie's" debut.

  • Michelle

    To The Revolution: Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out! Na-na-na-na, Na-na-na-na, Hey hey hey GOODBYE! (Immature, but couldn’t resist.)

  • Shelly

    Wow! I’m shocked, but very happy. Now GH fans the pressure is back on us. WE MUST WATCH, even if the episodes don’t showcase our fav storyline or couple (yes, I will continue to muddle through this Kate/Connie mess). Realize this is only a temporary stay of execution. There are other concept shows waiting in the wings, including a “Biggest Loser” ripoff (gag me).
    Now if they really wanted to make me happy, they’d bring back ONE LIFE TO LIVE at 2, keep GH at 3, and put Katie on Oprah’s old time slot at 4. I would definately watch her.

  • Bo

    This made me happy. So, so happy. And now I won’t feel guilty if I tune into Katie, because I, for one, think she will do a great job on a talk show. I just couldn’t have merited watching if it directly replaced General Hospital.

    RC and FV have been doing a great job with the show. I think Heather’s return has been very interesting and well-done so far. But someone PLEASE get Sonny off my TV. In eight years, he has gone from my favorite to my least favorite character on the show, and there are some characters I really don’t care for. I actually hope he goes to prison for Starr’s car accident–how ironic would it be if he gets nailed for something he actually didn’t do? I’d chuckle.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Chrisann D: “NYPD Blue” was the LAST ABC show that I watched religiously.
    When did that show wrap up? Before 9/11???

    I DID watch the first half-season of “…Mars,” (can’t remember the whole name. Maybe: “Life Beyond Mars?”) Who cares. I tuned in because it starred Harvey Keitel and Michael Imperroli(sp?) Former GF watched the whole season and I thought the final episode was either the most brilliant ending or the most dumbest.

  • JeffinChicago

    Daytime soaps are dead, dead, dead. Deal with it folks. They cost more than they make.

  • Michelle

    I completely agree with Ralph. I also wonder how many boycotters don’t make the connection that they or their spouse may have retirement accounts/401Ks that include Disney stock hiding in their investment portfolio. (Take a look at the “Top Holdings” for many Large Cap Mutual Funds to see what I’m referring to.) Yes, my logic is a bit of a stretch but in effect, you’re hoping that your own investment will tank!

  • Sean


  • Steven Leitner

    At least ABC renewed one of their scripted shows today.

  • TV Gord

    Shelley, they can’t keep GH at 3pm. As of September 10th, ABC is turning that timeslot over to its affiliates, so it will be up to individual stations to put shows in that slot. Most are taking Katie’s syndicated show, but some are not. 3pm will never again be a network timeslot, which is why GH has to move.

  • Brian

    Okay; where’s the OUAT announcement :)

  • Herb Fine

    I don’t understand why Katie’s show is syndicated – wouldn’t it have made sense for it to be a network show?

  • Richard

    Glad for the fans but the show is still dead to me. Sorry but even though it has been renewed it is still the same old mess. And I refuse to watch just so that it lives on for another year after this one.

    Until the show gives me a reason to tune back in the show is officially dead to me.

    I am over and done with ….

    The Sonny & Jason Hour
    The Sonny Corinthos Hour
    Mob Hospital 101
    Sonny and His Vendettas
    Carly & Her Men

    And I have no desire to watch the new OLTL characters muck it up with Sonny and gang. I wasn’t a fan of OLTL and have no desire to become a fan of it’s characters either.

    For those who enjoy it I am happy for you. But GH already ended for me. The real GH I loved died a long time ago, but it took Ron Carlavati to convince me to give it up.

  • Richard


    ABC wanted it to be a network show but Katie didn’t. So they accomodated her.

  • disney rocks

    Katie should be in Oprah’s 4 PM timeslot.

    Heres what ABC Daytime 2012-13 should be-

    1- The Chew
    1:30- OLTL
    2:30- GH
    3:30- new half-hour game show/talk show
    4- SYNDICATED (Katie or affiliate’s choice)

  • Wendy Boucher

    Please bring back Extreme Makeove Home Edition or at least a lighter version (not mansions). Homes people need and can use for a severe disability. We had over 140 nominations from all over, from friends and family, from our church, from those ready to help build. We sent in a short video with my husband, me, and my 10 year old son pleaing for help for his mom and sister. We need a handicap accessible home to help my severe disabilty (I have two hip replacements, an ankle replacements that has collapsed, and allmy knuckles in both hands replaced, and our 5 year old daughters we adopted from Ukraine has a mild form of cerebral palsy. It wasn’t easy to get my husband to ask for help. He has alot of pride. We’ll be married 19 years in May and we’re high school sweethearts. He said he was brought to me by God to be my hands and feet back in high school. Our daughter is so amazing and tries so hard!! Our daughters doctor this week said to us “It’s sad to see the show cancel, we were routing for you”. You see my rheumatologists doctor and our daughters neurologist sent in letters asking for help for us. Please, please, please we need you in NH. We’ve been looking for help, but we don’t know where to go and ask. I know there are experts in this field because EMHE was successful for 9 years!!

  • Joan

    Hey, Katie couldn’t even get GMA’s ratings up against Today when she hosted recently.

  • American Style

    ABC actually finally did the right thing by keeping GH and cancelling that loser The Revolution.

    ABC finally learned its lesson that soap fans are really valuable and that you can’t just shut the door on them like that.

    I’m sure Katie is happy to have that lead-in now.

  • TV Gord

    True, Joan, but the ratings were still double GH’s numbers.

  • Kim

    I sincerely hope you will decide to keep General Hospital. If you take it off the air I will not only boycot Katie Couric, I will boycot ABC. I’ve been watching GH for 35 years and I would like to continue for another 35!!!

  • JC

    I am kind of surprised there is any question about GH. While I see that the era of the daytime soaps all day long is drawing to a close, one would think there is still place for one (maybe two) on each network.

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