ABC Renews 'General Hospital' and Cancels 'The Revolution'

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April 11th, 2012

ABC is renewing General Hospital for one year, and canceling talk show The Revolution.  The network needed to cancel a daytime show to make room for Katie Couric's syndicated talk show Katie, which will debut on most ABC affiliates this September.

Deadline reports that "ABC was persuaded to keep General Hospital after The Revolution ratings hit record lows in March. The network is allegedly concerned both that canceling 'General Hospital" will alienate the show's fans, who threatened to boycott Katie, and that The Revolution would not be a strong lead-in for "Katie." The week of March 26, GH was watched by 2.26 million viewers, compared to 1.33 million for The Revolution." The Revolution" also performs poorly among the key Women 18-49 demographic, averaging about half of what "One Life To Live" got in the time period.

The Revolution will end its run on July 7. For the rest of the summer, it will be replaced by an afternoon version of Good Morning America tentatively titled GMA in the Afternoon until "Katie's" debut.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Congratulations GH fans — I am so happy for this wonderful news for you!

  • Andy


  • Lynn

    This is great news. Love General Hospital. ABC really screwed up by cancelling All My Children and One Life to Live. Now I don’t watch TV during those time periods on ABC. How many shows can we have about health, weight, food, clothing etc. They have that on the early AM shows.

  • Chris

    This is merely a temporary reprieve. Daytime Drama on the networks will not outlive this decade.

  • Chrisann D

    Chris, Ok but for now just let us have our victory. But thanks for your cheery outlook!

  • Chrisann D

    I find it intersesting that some just can’t stand to see others happy about the small victorys. More Eeyores than Tiggers on here today.

  • One

    The real problem was that Tim Gunn revealing his asexual lifestyle chased away more viewers than it caught (if indeed it caught any at all).

  • Sue

    Not a surprise! Fans of soaps had no desire to watch either “The Revolution” or “The Chew.” And I doubt that they are the kinds of shows that would draw new viewers. If ABC had any sense they would have kept “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” on tv.

  • Pat

    It’s good that at least GH will make it to an even 50 years and have more time to hopefully try to right itself and go out on a high note, but I agree that soap fans should not be naive and delusional about this news. Only because The Revolution completely and embarrasingly tanked was GH spared for now. I truly think this is GH’s final warning signal. If it doesn’t start to steadily improve ratings and quality-wise in the coming months, it will most likely be a goner in 2013.

    ABC renewed GH for only one year, and it sounds like this GMA afternoon summer show is a trial run to find out if it can ultimately slide in to replace GH. Let’s be real-ABC still has no intent to keep GH long-term and will keep searching for the right low-cost replacement, which The Revolution very clearly wasn’t. Given how The Chew is performing on a relatively small budget, that’s the direction ABC almost certainly is headed in at 2 pm as well. Plus, ABC/Disney has so much invested in Katie Couric and wants her talk show to debut this fall amid relative peace in an attempt to attract the widest possible audience.

  • Riff Rafferty

    The Revolution will be televised. But only for 6 months. Then it won’t be any more.

  • Ann

    JMO, but I don’t think they have necessarily been renewed for a year. I see that as speculation at different sites. There’s been nothing official from GH.

    Plus, if they continue to lose viewers they can cancel it anytime.

    I think the third hour of GMA is a test and if it does well then GH is still gone.

  • Rob R

    Congratulations to the soap fans. Let’s have a slight reprieve for several months on the cancellation obsession. All four network soap operas are guaranteed to air into September 2013 and they still draw higher ratings than the talk shows (other than “The View”). Perhaps the soaps have now shrunk to a critical mass that is sustainable in the overall mix of daytime (scripted, talk, judge shows, entertainment magazines).

  • Deborah

    I will NEVER watch anything on ABC from 1:00 to 3:00 weekdays. They should have left All My Children and One Life to Live in those time slots. Big mistake for ABC. Katie Couric won’t make it either.

  • Chris L

    The Chew is staying put. It’s a fun watch with a lot of good people and a clear focus. The Revolution was just a complete mess with no real reason to be there.

  • BG

    I’m so glad they decided to keep General Hospital!!!! The Revolution is a HORRIBLE show. Good Riddance!

  • Dalton

    Good for fans of the show, but only 1 year. Tells me that ABC doesn’t have that much faith in the show.

  • TV Gord

    I’m not speaking for all the Gloomy Gusses or Debbie Downers out here, but I’m not trying to stop anyone from celebrating the small victories. I’m a soap fan and I’m thrilled to see that GH is staying around for another year. The thing that’s frustrating is that so many soap fans are absolutely delusional about the importance of the genre in 2012 and beyond. Soaps are dying. GH has bought itself another year of chemo, but its fate is still inevitable.

    On the half-dozen or so TV-related websites I surf, people have decided this renewal news is a springboard to getting AMC and OLTL back on the air. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. They say ABC executives made a huge mistake by cancelling the soaps and they did it because they hate soaps (it’s funny how so many seem to have forgotten CBS also cancelled two soaps in recent years, too). They think if Sonny does this or Carly does that or if someone gets Anna Lee’s DNA and brings her back to life…they “suits” will see the error of their ways. The “suits” don’t care.

    And face it, no amount of stunt-casting or popular character returns have ever had much impact on the ratings. Too many soap fan have just stopped watching. They are either too busy with life or they are watching The Real Housewives of Timbuktu instead or there are too many shows on too many channels to continue watching the soaps. Whatever the reason, the viewers are gone and they’re not coming back. It’s frustrating to read so many comments from soap fans who can’t seem to face reality.

    GH’s renewal is good news for the next year or so. To think it’s anything more is just prolonging YOUR agony. If you soap fans who can’t face reality just spend the next year in denial, we’ll be reading the same unrealistic comments for another year. It’s particularly annoying here on this website, which is all about the ratings. It doesn’t matter how much we love our shows (and I still miss AMC and OLTL, as well as a half-dozen other soaps). ALL shows live and die by the ratings. And the ratings for soaps…just…aren’t…there anymore.

  • TV Gord

    Richard, I just went back to page three and read your post, which I really enjoyed. I have a couple of thoughts in reaction.

    I thought it was a great idea to bring characters from OLTL over to GH, because it should have raised the ratings. I guess what none of us counted on was that so many fans would have their own individual pissy little gripes about why they won’t watch. A lot of people commenting say they don’t want to watch GH. They want to watch OLTL. Again, not facing reality.

    Then, the GH fans were anything but welcoming to the “new” characters from OLTL. What I don’t get is that new characters show up on soaps all the time, yet there is so much instant hate for a grand total of TWO OLTL characters (Starr and McBain) joining the show. If two characters can drive away long-time viewers, then how fickle are soap fans?

    The main reason I wanted to respond to your post, though, is that you say AMC and OLTL got the chance to say goodbye to their shows and their characters. Not true. Because of that ridiculous Prospect Park idea (which, come on, nobody with any sense ever thought would fly), the shows did not end in satisfying ways. The characters didn’t get their happy endings or resolution or closure. We were left with a “tune in tomorrow” ending; but tomorrow is never coming for the folks of Pine Valley or most of the ones in Llanview.

    General Hospital HAS the chance to say a proper farewell, and I share your hope that Ron and Frank don’t screw it up. If the Llanview transpLlants don’t work in Port Charles, they’ll be gone by next year, and you’ll get your proper resolutions and a proper goodbye, complete with a 50th anniversary celebration. I wish fans of AMC and OLTL had that chance.

  • Melanie

    @TV Gord, you make some great and very realistic points. It is good for the fans that GH got another year, but it feels to me that it was saved ONLY by the horrible performance of the Revolution, not because GH’s ratings have been anything to brag about. Now we will have to see if the ratings really get back on track or stay the same. I also have to wonder now with this “extension” will Carlivati and Valentini feel the need to bring on more OLTL characters, or return GH to its former glory by putting it back on track and bring back more former GH characters. Alot remains to be seen over the next few months.

  • Melanie

    To add about the OLTL characters, I don’t mind new characters or crossovers at times, depending on if the storyline is good, but I think the thing, well at least for me, was that GH already had too many new characters that the viewers didn’t care about to begin with and now here comes the former writer and EP from that show now on GH. Also you had alot of OLTL fans talking about how GH should’ve been cancelled instead and keep asking for more OLTL characters to come over. To me it was like “wait a minute, this is GH, not OLTL”. Some have even said they are only watching GH now because of the OLTL characters. Although OLTL was my favorite show, I can understand in this case why many GH fans are not happy about it. Yes it has only been John and Starr, but Tea is coming (Don’t know for how long) and Todd will be back and who knows who else may come. Also, these characters got alot of screen time under Carlivati on OLTL, so some fear it will be the same since he is now writing for GH and some of their faves on GH may be pushed aside even further or written out. Another issue is that they have all come on and are immediately tied to Sonny, a character who has dominated the screen over the past few years, with the same ole mob stuff.

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